I just started reviewing records I listen to. My standard goes from no new sleeve to a new poly lined sleeve with poly jacket sleeve depending on how I like the record. My reviews have nothing to do with the condition of my copy although I may mention it here and there.
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posted a review of Various - Chattanooga Choo-Choo Centennial. about 1 year ago
No mention of musical personnel on the record. Decent sound, competent musicians and vocals but nothing to write home about.
posted a comment on David Fisher (10) - David Fisher Live (Till The Audience Got A Hold Of Him). about 1 year ago
Really campy comedy accompanied with piano. Sounds like it was at a couples resort.
posted a comment on Thelonious Monk - Solo Monk. over 5 years ago
Not impressed with the sound on my copy of this. I know it's a piano but it doesn't sound like a real piano.
posted a review of Bob Leaper - Big Band, Beatle Songs. over 5 years ago
If you like this sort of thing, you will like this record. Tons of fun and great sound. basstony, I love your all bass lines on this record but A Hard Day's Night just blows me away.
posted a review of Marty Gold - Wired For Sound. over 5 years ago
This gets a meh. Love the cover, the music is rather lackluster. Organ and orchestra with some reverb thrown in. Best use for this is frame the cover and hang it up.
posted a review of Ron Frangipane And His Orchestra - Rated X For Excitement. over 5 years ago
Side one starts out strong. Lots of funky moog sounds, nice deep bass, full orchestrations . Halfway through it devolves into generic elevator music. Side two starts out again with the funky moog that goes deep into the bass. But by the last few... See full review
posted a review of Crazy Otto* - Crazy Otto Rides Again. over 5 years ago
Well played honky tonk piano. Has that slightly off tune piano sound with the rat-a-tat snare and upright bass rhythm section. Some Lionel Hampton like grunts and groans. I like this record.
posted a comment on Bunny Maddox And His Old-Time Charleston Band - The Roaring 20's. over 6 years ago
This is the tracklist on my copy also.
posted a review of The New Glenn Miller Orchestra Directed By Ray McKinley - The New Glenn Miller Orchestra In Hi Fi. over 6 years ago
Meh, OK sound, riding out the Glenn Miller name. Nothing fancy here. I'll give it a poly lined sleeve just because it's a Living Stereo.
posted a review of Roy Clark - Superpicker. over 6 years ago
I think Roy Clark is awesome. This album, not so much. Nothing more than easy listening tripe. Bad easy listening tripe.
posted a review of The Bob Crewe Generation - Music To Watch Birds* By. over 6 years ago
Disappointing listen. Nothing more than elevator music. Looked promising given the poem inside and the 1967 publishing date but nope. Nothing to see here, move along.
posted a review of The Beatles - Introducing... The Beatles. over 7 years ago
Huh, I don't think my copy sounds very good at all. Very thin sounding.
posted a comment on Calimbo Steel Band - The Heart Of Trinidad. over 7 years ago
Mine has GNP CRESCENDO in black text instead of white.
posted a comment on Lou Stein - Honky Tonk Piano Featuring Lou Stein. over 7 years ago
Mine is a Stereo SR 60054. White stereo graphic on the top of the jacket.
posted a comment on Dorothy Donegan - At The Embers. over 7 years ago
Mine has same cover art but is number F 9003. Side A and B are reversed. Forum Circle Mfg. by Connoisseur Record Corp. Kearny, New Jersey
posted a review of Various - Barbershop Days. over 7 years ago
Not one of my favorites. Yes, they are typical barbershop quartet songs. But most are accompanied with a band. Some are close to what I would call the "Old Straw Hat" sound but some just are pretty generic. Not horrible but not something to search... See full review
posted a review of Various - Music In Depth F:35d. over 7 years ago
Dang good sounding record of peppy music. I'll give it a lined sleeve and a once every three years listen.
posted a comment on Waylon Jennings - The Dark Side Of Fame / The One And Only. over 7 years ago
Mine's an American release with this cover not the cover in the US listing.
posted a review of Discotheque (2) - The Discotheque Dance Album . over 7 years ago
The best version of I'm Henry VIII, I Am that you will ever hear. Ever. Poly lined jacket and poly sleeve cover. A number one great record in every way.
posted a review of Bee Gees - Take Hold Of That Star. over 7 years ago
Interesting yet unremarkable. For completists. Weak sound. Rates a paper sleeve, no more.
posted a review of Bee Gees - Turn Around, Look At Me. over 7 years ago
Interesting if unremarkable. Weak sound. Rates a paper sleeve by my scale.
posted a review of Eddie Peabody - Man With The Banjo. over 7 years ago
Sound is a bit on the thin side, lacking in bass. The banjo playing is more strummed chords than finger picking. Not exactly what I look for in a banjo record. Just flipped to side 2, let's see where it goes. Meh.. same thing. Good playing but... See full review
posted a review of Frankie Carle - Frankie Carle And His Beautiful Dolls. over 7 years ago
Plain, pleasant, unassuming, well played but nothing out of the ordinary background easy-listening music. Side two picks up the tempo a bit with a little more flourish in the piano runs. Would serve well as a wall hanging. The cover is classic 50's... See full review
posted a review of Various - Electronic Music. over 7 years ago
Side 1 is a bunch of primitive synthesizer sounds seemingly at random. Interesting yet perplexing. I like listening to bizarre things but no one I know would make it more than a minute or two. Side two starts out with more electronic sounds with... See full review
posted a review of Clark Ferguson - RMI Keyboard Computer - Model KC-II. over 7 years ago
Synth historians will love this record. Punch cards program the keyboard and are in the cover art, awesome. Short cuts demonstrate different programs with an explanation on the back of the jacket about each one. Yes, Multi-Track, the last song on... See full review
posted a review of David Carroll & His Orchestra - Let's Dance. over 7 years ago
Light and whimsical. Fun record. This one gets a poly lined sleeve.
posted a review of Daryl Hall & John Oates - Livetime. over 7 years ago
Not the hit parade of H&O it could have been. What's there is somewhere between good+ and great. Thin vinyl and a bit thin sounding. Paper sleeve.
posted a review of Ted Heath And His Orchestra - A Yank In Europe. over 7 years ago
OK record, sound is really good, nice punch. Not as Raymond Scott ish as I was hoping for if that makes sense. It's more of typical easy listening. Gets a bit peppier as side 2 progresses but still nothing approaching Powerhouse or that ilk. This... See full review
posted a comment on The Limeliters - Through Children's Eyes. over 8 years ago
This album cover is incorrect. It should look like the mono cover but with Living Stereo in top left corner on the front.
posted a comment on The Byrds - Greatest Hits. over 9 years ago
Dammit, this is getting frustrating. I've got one identical to this but it has a barcode. 0-7464-09516-1
posted a comment on Cindy Bullens - Cindy Bullens. over 9 years ago
I have a US release non promo copy. upc 0-76732-63201-7 I'm not sure how to add this.....send me a PM, I'm sort of new here.
posted a comment on Dave Brubeck Quintet - Reunion. over 9 years ago
My copy has a cartoon cover drawn by Arnold Roth. Also red vinyl mono.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on No Artist - Sounds Of Speed. over 10 years ago
My copy is labeled 9S6 in between the words Stereo and Riverside on the top of the front of the cover. 9S6 on the spine. Rear of the cover says RLP 9S-6 at the top right. The record itself says 9S-6 to the left of the hole on both sides.