Sampled By $uicideboy$

By Oliviaka Oliviaka
updated 2 months ago

Selected original sample sources to $uicideboy$' discography.

  1. deadmau5 + Kaskade - I Remember

    2 For Sale from A$89.27

    Part 1
    Originally appeared on Dark Side Of The Clouds. The EDM producer has called out the band for copyright infringement, but no lawsuit was filed.

  2. Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi

    3 For Sale from A$9.29

    Music Is Math
    Clouds As Witnesses, from Gray/Grey

  3. Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again

    2 For Sale from A$77.58

    Never Cry Again vocals were sampled in
    Marie Therese - When You Come Home
    Runnin' Thru The 7th With My Woadies (feat. Pouya), from $outh $ide $uicide

  4. Com Truise - Silicon Tare

    4 For Sale from A$54.15

    Mannequins Are My Best Of Friends, from High Tide In The Snake's Nest

  5. Butterfly Boucher - Scaryfragile

    8 For Sale from A$1.30

    A Bitter Song
    Kill Yourself Part III, from My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can't (first sample)

  6. Gry With FM Einheit And His Orchestra* - Public Recording

    4 For Sale from A$7.76

    Kill Yourself Part IV
    It does not sample Alpha - Sometime Later, contrary to popular misinterpretations.

  7. DJ Paul (3), Juicy J - (Part 2) Da Exorcist

    Break A Hoe (and Juicy J feat. Koopsta Knicca)
    F**k A Hoe Part II (feat. Ramirez (2)), from G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.

  8. Portishead - Portishead

    55 For Sale from A$2.33

    Water $uicide (feat. Chris Travis), from Eternal Grey

  9. Alan Hawkshaw - The Road Forward

    2 For Sale from A$153.61

    A Man Alone
    Cherry P.I.E., from Dark Side Of The Clouds (first sample)

  10. Violet Indiana - Roulette

    4 For Sale from A$7.76

    Air Kissing
    Pontiac $unfire, from Gray/Grey

  11. Various - 28 Days Later - The Soundtrack Album

    10 For Sale from A$12.41

    John Murphy (2), In The House - In A Heartbeat
    Sunshine, from High Tide In The Snake's Nest
    End of Part 1

  12. Future (4) - Sh!t

    Part 2
    Cold Turkey (feat. Pouya), from $outh $ide $uicide

  13. Junichi Masuda - Pokémon

    Lavender Town Theme
    Ugly, from High Tide In The Snake's Nest (second sample)

  14. Denzel Curry - Nostalgic 64

    Threatz (feat. Yung Simmie and Robb Bank$)
    Cherry P.I.E., from Dark Side Of The Clouds (second sample)

  15. Various - Power Game Hits

    4 For Sale from A$12.41

    Michael Land, Monkey Island (Theme)
    Everest, from Grey Sheep

  16. Motherlode (2) - When I Die

    1 For Sale from A$59.32

    Soft Shell
    $hrimp Poboy (feat. Supa (15)), from Gray/Grey