Banned album covers

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Some album covers have been banned due to violence, nudity and other banned pictures.

  1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland

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    The intended artwork for the UK version of the album did not arrive in time to press the album, so a cover of naked women lounging in front of a black background was issued in its place.

  2. John Lennon And Yoko Ono* - Unfinished Music No. 1. Two Virgins

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    The front cover displayed Lennon and Ono frontally nude, while the rear cover featured them from behind. Distributors were prompted to sell the album in a plain brown wrapper, and copies of the album were impounded as obscenity in several jurisdictions.

  3. Blind Faith (2) - Blind Faith

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    The cover featured a topless pubescent girl, holding in her hands a silver space ship, which some perceived as phallic. Photographer Bob Seidemann used a girl, Mariora Goschen, who was 11 years old. The US record company issued it with an alternative cover which showed a photograph of the band on the front.

  4. Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy

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    The cover features a group of naked children climbing at Giant's Causeway. The interior art also depicts a distant figure of a naked man standing on mossy ruins while holding one of the children in a ceremonial gesture. Although the album was originally released with the nudity intact, subsequent editions distributed by Atlantic Records covered one of the naked children's buttocks with the "Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy" text printed on a white background. The buttocks were later airbrushed out.

  5. Scorpions - Virgin Killer

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    This cover featured a photo of naked prepubescent girl, with her pubic area partially obscured by a "cracked glass" effect. Her pose and the title "Virgin Killer" added to the image's notoriety. The Internet Watch Foundation, a British non-profit group who provides content blacklists for major ISP's in the country, also notably blacklisted pages on the internet encyclopedia Wikipedia for featuring the cover on its article about the album. This block was later retracted due to technical problems which occurred as a result of the blocking mechanisms and due to the already "wide availability" of the image.

  6. Bow Wow Wow - See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang Yeah, City All Over! Go Ape Crazy!

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    Album cover show the band including its lead singer Annabella Lwin, who was 14 at the time, nude in the style of édouard Manet’s Le déjeuner sur l'herbe. The Andy Earl cover caused outrage that led to an investigation by Scotland Yard, instigated by Lwin's mother and never appeared on UK and US releases.

  7. Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking

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    The album cover, created by frontman Perry Farrell, features a sculpture of a pair of nude female conjoined twins sitting on a sideways rocking chair with their heads on fire. Farrell said the image, like much of his artwork, came to him in a dream and he hired the employees of Warner Bros. to create the cover sculpture; after learning how to create sculptures by watching them closely, he fired the Warner Bros. staff and created the artwork himself. Farrell hired someone to help create a full body casting of his girlfriend for use as the sculptures. Retailers objected to the album's cover. Nine out of the eleven leading record store chains refused to carry Nothing's Shocking, and the record had to be issued covered with brown paper.

  8. The Mama's And The Papa's* - If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears

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    The original cover featured the group sitting in a bathtub with a toilet in the corner of the room. In a move reflecting the mores of the time (1966), this cover was pulled from stores after the toilet was declared indecent. A second cover was then released with a list of hit songs on the album obscuring the toilet, followed by a third with a black border that removed any hint that the picture was taken in a bathroom.

  9. Lynyrd Skynyrd - Street Survivors

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    The original cover sleeve for Street Survivors had featured a photograph of the band, particularly Steve Gaines, engulfed in flames. Three days after the album was released, three of the band members were killed in a fiery plane crash. Out of respect for the deceased (and at the request of Teresa Gaines, Steve Gaines' widow), MCA Records withdrew the original cover and replaced it with a similar image of the band against a simple black background. Thirty years later, for the deluxe CD version of Street Survivors, the original "flames" cover was restored.

  10. Metallica - Kill 'Em All

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    Metallica was going to call the album Metal Up Your Ass, with the cover featuring a toilet bowl with a hand clutching a dagger emerging from it. However, at the request of Megaforce Records (who thought the original album title would be inappropriate), the band changed the album title to Kill 'Em All. They also changed the artwork, this time depicting a shadow of a hand letting go of a bloodied hammer. Like their fourth studio album ...And Justice for All, no alternative cover has existed.

  11. The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers

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    A lot of people got pretty excited about this record cover because of the zipper. Many thought it was too racy. That being said, it only ever got banned in Spain, but not because of any moral issues – the zipper tended to scratch the records racked in front of it.

  12. The Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet

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    Another toilet cover that caused an uproar in the 60′s. Th early versions of this sleeve were completely plain as pictures of public toilets were unforgivably vulgar in 1968.

  13. Roxy Music - Country Life

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    In some areas in the US and other parts of the world a different version of the sleeve was used – the women were airbrushed out completely, leaving only the green backdrop and the band logo.

  14. Scorpions - Lovedrive

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    Often featured in ‘worst album covers ever’ lists, this bizarre sleeve was replaced in some markets with a more sensible black sleeve featuring a blue scorpion. The album’s artwork was named “Best album sleeve of 1979″ by Playboy magazine.

  15. The Beatles - Yesterday And Today

    After a public outcry over the “butcher” cover, the record company recalled copies of this record sleeve

  16. Alice Cooper - Love It To Death

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    “I see penises everywhere!” Just like the Five Keys controversy, everyone thought that the thumb was a penis, and was subsequently airbrushed out.

  17. Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A.

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    Patriotic Republicans had a major fit over this album cover, thinking that Bruce was shown to be urinating on the US flag.

  18. Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction

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    The original cover for the debut album by Guns N' Roses was a robot rapist causing havoc on the streets, but was soon changed to the now classic skull and cross bone cover.

  19. Bowie* - Diamond Dogs

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    David Bowie was no stranger to controversy by 1974, but he saw more of it when he posed as a man-dog creature with its genitalia exposed on the cover of "Diamond Dogs." The cover was changed, with the genitalia removed.

  20. Roger Waters - The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking

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    In its original cover art, "Pros and Cons" depicted a woman trying to hitch a ride in nothing but a backpack and high heels. In later pressings, censors covered the woman's backside with a black box.

  21. Birth Control - Operation

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    This cover of a bug eating human babies (and a Pope-like figure cheering it on which can't be seen here) was banned in certain countries.

  22. Mama Lion - Preserve Wildlife

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    Cover showing singer nursing a lion cub was changed by record execs

  23. The Residents - The Third Reich 'N' Roll

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    This album was banned in Germany for having a swastika, despite the Swastikas' use being intended as sarcastic swipes at the record industry (that's Dick Clark in uniform). It was later re-issued with stickers covering the swastika, and then a version with Hitler and Madonna instead of Dick Clark, of which only 2500 were made.

  24. Prince - Lovesexy

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    Many retailers refuse to carry the album due to the nude cover.

  25. Pantera - Far Beyond Driven

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    Pantera had to change their "Far Beyond Driven" album cover because it initially depicted a metal drill inside an anus